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Creatrixes of Awesome: Jenny Menthol’s Guide to Rerouting Those Neural Pathways

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I get asked quite a lot how I’ll think of something new to do every day for a year. You kidding? You could do this for the rest of your life! Here are some ways to get ideas.

* Read rural papers, local papers, noticeboards. Choral quilting you say? Lemme at it!

* Sign up to daily deals in your area, like Deal Me, Jump On It, Living Social. I’ve gone horse trekking, abseiling and kung fu-ing through these.

* Go to a major railway station and take an unfamiliar train. Get off at a random stop and see what there is to do.

* If you pass some kind of gathering – be it at a church or on the street – for god’s sake, go in!

* If your mind puts up some kind of resistance to an idea, it’s definitely worth doing.

* Ask everyone you know if they have any unusual skills/interests/jobs you can have a go at.

* Train yourself to keep your eyes peeled for weird shit to do by trying to notice five things you haven’t noticed before on the way to work.

* What did you always want to do/be as a kid? Whether it was comics, collecting worms or dancing, have another go at it.

* What have you always been terrible at? Have a go at that as well. That meant cooking and public speaking for me.

* Choose a classic book and replicate something you’ve learned from reading it. I dunno – it could be learning to build a fire, Swallows & Amazons-style. If no classic books are at hand, pillage the Brownie Guide’s Handbook.

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